Feel hard to get a chinese name? Top Chinese Name provide super low price naming service!

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It is believed many people are troubled by naming Chinese name. Naming Chinese name is a very esoteric science. It is about the pronunciation of the Chinese characters, the deep meaning, and the rhetoric. It is not a matter of flipping through the dictionary and choosing the right name. It can not looking up the dictionary in short time to choose the right name.

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Chinese naming should be careful, to avoid the use of homonyms or unpopular characters to cause misunderstanding. Lots of examples share here!

In order to avoid regrets for using the wrong name, it is advised that you can try the Top Chinese Name ultra-low cost naming service, which only costs HK $ 99 for three names. Compared with other names that are generally randomly generated by generator, Top Chinese Name professional team will customize the name for you. First of all, Chinese experts will select Chinese characters from countless Chinese characters and help you to design names by manpower that are responded to yours needs. Then, the preliminary screening results will be carefully compared with Big Data by computer experts, and combined with algorithms such as Artificial Intelligence to prepare the Chinese name that best suits you.

The professional team of Top Chinese Name is composed of professionals in Chinese literature and information technology. Many members of the team have obtained master’s degree. Members are from institutions of higher education in Hong Kong, such as The University of Hong Kong, City University of Hong Kong, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and so on. Our headquartered in Hong Kong, and we provide you with the most professional and suitable services heartily.